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Save time, save money, save water, save the rivers & streams and

enjoy your sparkling clean car in only 3 minutes!

Why wash it at Washman?

1. No Brushes 100% Safe
Our system is even safer than hand washing. We entrust your car to a combination of computer controlled sprays and the gentleness of soft cloth for added shine! No dull finish & 100% safe. Lubricated with environmentally friendly shampoos & water. Safer than hand washing!

2. The Secret is in the Soap
Our environment friendly shampoos are non-caustic, non-acidic & phosphate free. They are safe for your car and safer for the environment too.

3. We Use Biodegradable Solutions & Recycle Our Water
We recycle our water then filter it for reuses. All oils are collected and (deposited) safely. If you wash your car at home, on the street or in the drive-ways you are polluting the rivers and streams by discharging oils and chemicals into the storm drains.

4. The Safest & Best Tire Shine Available
If you purchase "The Works" car wash package your car will receive Armor All water based Tire Shine on line. You’ll look fast even if you’re going the speed limit!

5. Double Liquid Foam Polish & Clearshield
For extra shine, protection and repellent ask for our “Exterior Auto Shampoo”. This three-step cleaner liquid polish and protectant gives your vehicle the legendary shine while prolonging the life of your finish & protects clear coat finishes. For a sparkling clean car ask for "The Auto Shampoo Exterior Car Wash".

 New Locations!
6869 N. Lombard  (cross street) N. Ida Ave.

416 S.E. Clay St.
  (cross street) SE MLK Jr. Blvd.

11838 S.E. Division  (cross street) SE 118th Ave.

510 SE Grand Avenue (cross street) Stark St

260 Lancaster Dr. NE  (cross street) State Street
1705 Lancaster Dr. NE (cross street) Market St. NE
4096 Commercial St. SE (cross street) Winding Way. SE

37055 Highway 26 (cross street) Industrial Way

2572 Clairemont Dr.
San Diego, CA 92117
 (cross street) Denver Street


6. Touchless Air Dryers
If you've ever pulled out of a carwash with your car still dripping wet, you’ll appreciate our Overhead Multi Blow Drying System. Our touchless dryers will safely dry your car and prevent spotting. Safe even for vinyl tops and convertibles.

7. "Fast, Fun & High Tech"
We know that time is very important so we do everything possible to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

8. Buy Four Washes Get One Free
You can save $ by purchasing our Gift Card with four car washes and getting the fifth free! A 20% discount. Just go to any location today, call (503) 255-9111 or order as instructed on this web site.

9. We Guarantee It
Our guarantee is simple. You must be satisfied or we'll rewash your car for FREE! Our people are recruited and trained with an emphasis that "The Customer is King"!

10. Don't Worry!
The auto manufacturers approve of Washman's wash process, so don't pollute, wash it at Washman and leave it to the professionals.


315 NE 82nd Avenue (cross street) Glisan
1530 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.  (cross street) Weidler
2920 SE 10th Avenue (cross street) SE Powell
14373 SE McLoughlin Blvd  (cross Street) SE Chestnut Street
1655 NE Burnside  (cross street) Off Division
11461 NE Holman St.  (cross street) at Airport Way
1039 15th Avenue  (cross street) First Street

24161 SE 242nd
 (cross street) Stark


*  Exterior Only locations



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